Best Bench Vise Guide

Whether you're a builder, or an engineer you probably need a good bench vise. Having the best bench vise can be crucial to getting your work done efficiently and accurately. It might seem as though it would be easy to figure out which is the best bench vise for your needs, because there are plenty of good ones on the market. But it can be confusing as there are too many to choose from. So we aim to tackle this problem, and show you the best bench vise for your specific use case, by going over some pros and cons. Some of the key things you aught to consider are the construction quality (what is it made from, iron steel, etc), and you should also think about how big it is. How big it is matters because some bench vises only open up to 3 inches wide, so if you have a 4 inch piece of wood to clamp nit won't be sufficient. Let's dive in by going over the top 5 choices for the bench vise.

The TEKTON 4 inch bench vise is the top choice for a well rounded tool that doesn't cost too much money. The price is actually quite cheap as far as the products from well known brands like IRWIN and TEKTON go. But despite it's cheap price this is a high quality tool that will meet all the needs of a professional. This bench vise really has plenty of good things about it, for one thing, it is constructed out of cast iron so it's extremely durable and heavy duty. The jaws on this vise are made from strong steel and they have a serrated surface to help grip objects tightly. The jaws can also be removed and replaced easily, which is a nice bonus feature to have. The TEKTON 4 inch bench vise also swivels to 120 degrees either way, which can be a very useful feature for some people. It has three spots to mount it from to your work bench using bolts. Overall this is a highly recommended option for those on a budget that still need a quality vise.

The Grizzly G7062 is a top quality bench vise that will meet the needs of any serious wood worker or engineer. This bench vise is built to suit the needs of many different people and is very multipurpose. The Jaws on this vise can easily rotate 360 degrees around for access from any angle. It also has some built in pip jaws which enable the bench vise to hold onto flat stuff as well as round. Not only can the jaws on this vise rotate, but the base can also. One more good feature that's worth mentioning is the anvil face which is mounted on top of it, this is very useful for certain applications such as metal work. The vise itself weighs in excess of 50 pounds so it's very heavy compared to most other bench vises but for most that's not too much of a concern. With such a heavy weight comes a well built and durable tool, so most will  be okay with the extra weight this vise carries. The G7062 is quite expensive but it's certainly worth it if you're a professional who needs top of the line gear.